Orlando Airport Ground Transportation

Local Buses

To pick up the local buses from Orlando Airport passengers may go to the Level 1 of the A-Side of the airport, on the Ground Transportation.

To go to downtown Orlando travel journey is about 40 minutes.

The company that provides the service is Lynx bus and run from 5.25 a.m. to 23.50 approximately.

Lines: 11, 51. Depending of your destination, the schedule changes.

Ticket Price: One way to Downtown Orlando is about $2.00.


Lynx Bus - Downtown Orlando (40 minutes)

- Bus 11: runs via Orange Avenue from 5.52 am to 23.52 pm. During saturday, Sundays and holidays the schedule changes: runs from 5.52 am to 21.52 pm on Saturdays and from 6.25 am to 20.25 pm on Sundays and holidays.


- Bus 51: runs via Conway from 5:28 am to 21:35 pm. Sundays and holidays: from 5.16 am to 20.17 pm.


International Drive (60 minutes)

- Bus 42: departs from 5.40 am to 22.10 pm. Sundays and holidays: runs from 6.30 am to 21.30 pm.


Florida Mall and SeaWorld (45 minutes)

- Bus 111: runs from 5.30 am to 22.30 pm.

Ticket: it costs $2.00 for each destination.


Shuttles - Hotel

There are different hotel shuttles that go to and from Orlando Airport. To pick up a shuttle, passengers have to go to the Level 1 (ground transportation) of the Terminal B. B42 - B47.


We recommend to all passengers to get in touch with the hotel to know if they have available the shuttle service.


Shuttle - Vans

Terminal A: Level 1 (ground transportation), spaces A9-A10 and A36-A37.

Terminal B: Level 1 (ground transportation), spaces B9-B10 and B40-B41.

One way - ticket price to go to Downtown Orlando: $20-$32/per person.



There are 6 different companies that provide service at Orlando airport. These are the following ones:

- Ace Metro / Luxury Cab

- Diamond Cab Company

- Quick Cab

- Star Taxi

- Town&Country Transport

- Mears Taxi Yellow/City Cab


To pick up a taxi, passengers may go to the Level 1 (ground transportation) of the Terminal A, in front of A5-A8 and A22-A25. In Terminal B taxis are located in the level 1 as well, in B5-B8 and B30-B34 parking spaces.


All taxis have a taximeter. Approximately rates:

- Airport Hotels - $14-$18

- International Drive Area - $38-$45

- Downtown Orlando Area - $38-$45

- Winter Park / Maitland Area - $45-$55

- Lake Buena Vista Hotels - $47-$55

- Kissimmee Hotel Area - $45-$75

- Disney Resorts Area - $52-$68

- Port Canaveral - $115

*Prices are subject to change


Train - Amtrak and Greyhound stations

Amtrak and Greyhound stations are the nearest ones from Orlando airport.

The Amtrak station is 12 miles away from Orlando Airport.

The Greyhound station is 13 miles from Orlando Airport.

Passengers can pick up the line 11 of the Lynx bus (check the direction) and also the bus 25 to go to Greyhound station.

One way costs $2.


To go to Port Canaveral

There are some cruise lines that provides transportation between Port Canaveral and Orlando Airport. Please, check with the cruise line directly.


Disney's Magical Express

The 24 Walt Disney World resort hotel provide transportation to all guests with resort reservations


Car Rental

There are a lot of different car rental companies that provide service at the airport. Check here the different agencies and opportunities and book online your car!



It connects Orlando airport through the bus that links to the Sand Lake Road SunRail station. Sunrail runs from Monday-Friday from 5.30am to 21.30pm.

Location: Level 1 (ground transportation) of Terminal A, in spaces A38-A41.